Eco friendly sex toys are also very body friendly as they are free of commonly used chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction and, in the case of phthalates, have been implicated in cancer (phthalates are used to soften plastics).

There are several ways in which a toy can be considered eco friendly; they may be rechargeable or not use batteries at all; they can be composed of a fully recyclable material; and/or they can be made without environmentally harmful chemicals.


Purchasing a rechargeable vibrator keeps you on the green side. While they are a bit more expensive initially, what you save in battery costs will quickly balance out. Some cordless vibrators are now as strong as plug-ins. Portability and maximum pleasure come together in these planet friendly toys.

Firm, Fun, & Fully Recyclable

Glass dildos are a great choice for many reasons. They are fully recyclable and made without any damaging chemicals. Because they have no seams, they are very smooth and just a bit of lube (all natural, of course) will go a long way. Glass holds heat very well and can be quickly warmed in a bowl of hot water to give some extra sensation. Some of them are so pretty you can get away with using them as home décor!

Wooden sex toys are also gaining popularity. They are full recyclable. Many layers of body-friendly varnish keep them non-absorbent for easy cleaning.

Stainless Steel is another fully recyclable material that doesn’t leach any chemicals and is very easy to clean. It also holds body heat well.

Softer Side Green Toys

If you prefer something on the softer side, toys made with Skin Safe Elastomer are both latex and phthalate free. Some toys are now made with medical grade silicone, which is chemical free and hypoallergenic.

Planet Friendly Lubes

Look for a lube that is all natural. Canadian made O’my is a hemp based lube that won’t hurt your toys and will give great glide. There are even a few lubes that are totally organic, such as sliquid, blossom organics,