G is for great! As in the great orgasms some women experience when this area is stimulated.

The G-spot is also known as the urethral sponge. It’s located a few inches inside the vagina on the anterior (same side as your belly button) wall. To find it, insert your fingers till just the last knuckle is outside the vagina, then crook them in a “come here” motion. The G-spot has a different texture, rough, unlike the rest of the vaginal walls which are smooth.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot

There are specially curved dildos and vibrators designed to better reach the G-spot. You or your partner can also use fingers and, of course, there is always the penis!

  • Start with foreplay. The more aroused you are, the more engorged the G-spot is, so it’s easier to find and stimulate.
  • With the palm forward, insert fingers up to the last knuckle, then crook the fingers. With a G-spot dildo, insert it so that the curvature and head hit the G-spot. For intercourse, doggy-style often works best, with the penetrating partner aiming for the front of the vagina during thrusting, rather than up towards the cervix. Use lubricant if you are feeling dry.
  • Now press down and pull forward. Most women find that they get the most stimulating results with firm pressure. Use short, firm motions.
  • Once you’ve found a motion and pressure that feels good, keep it up. Pressure against the G-spot will probably make you feel as if you want to pee, but keep going. You may or may not orgasm—it can take several tries before you have one. You may also find that G-spot stimulation leads to ejaculation of a clear fluid (this is not urine).
  • You may get better results if you try G-spot stimulation after you have had an orgasm—many women report that the second orgasm that comes from g-spot manipulation is mind-blowing!