A lot of women love how sexy lingerie makes them feel—and a lot of men get very turned on when they see their lady in naughty lace and satin. Cut-away bras, see-through fabrics, crotchless panties, G-strings, corsets, satin, velvet, and lace are some of the more common attributes of sexy lingerie. Lingerie comes for women of all shapes and sizes and can even be a great solution to camouflage an area you may be feeling self-conscious about.

Keep your really sexy lingerie for play purposes—it is fragile and will last longer because you won’t have to wash it as much. Also, putting on a special outfit before a rendezvous can act as a turn-on and get you aroused and ready.

Role switch—does the thought of playing with your man’s equipment through a pair of silky or lacy underwear turn you on? If so, go on and give it a try!