Massage is always sensual, but you can choose to make it downright sexual with a few techniques and props.

Massage Oil

Choose to enhance your massage with a scented oil, that one that provides a sensation of heat, or even one that provides a cooling sensation (but do check to see if these oils are okay on the more sensitive genital skin). Because massage oil often won’t come out of sheets or clothing, have an old sheet or towel handy to put under the person being massaged.

Massage Technique

There are a lot of great erotic massage DVDs that will give you visual guidance on massaging your partner to sexual bliss. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Muscles can take more pressure and still feel good than bony areas, so adjust the force of your massage accordingly.
  • Never press on the area right behind the knee or the crook of the elbow—it hurts enough that your partner will no longer be in an erotic haze.
  • Don’t massage the genitals directly until the very end, but massaging the area around them can be very stimulating. Long, firm strokes up and down well-oiled inner thighs will excite the nerve-endings of the genitals.

Massage & Sex Toys

Incorporate a dildo, vibrator, or butt plug into the massage process. Make the insertion part of the tease of the massage. Apply lube (but not massage oil—it can break down the materials your toy is made of) to the pussy and/or anus, lube up the toy, and then insert. If you are using a vibrating toy, you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations as the massage progresses.