The male equivalent of the G-spot is a ring shaped gland that encircles the urethra and manufactures semen, the ejaculate fluid that carries sperm cells. There are a lot of nerve endings associated it with it, which is why some men go wild for prostrate play.

It is about two to three inches inside the anus, on the wall that is closest to the belly button. Pressing on it produces intense sensations—sometimes strong enough to produce orgasm.

  • No rough or sharp fingernails—cut them down and file them smooth.
  • Get the partner being played with to urinate and have a bowel movement before starting.
  • Wash the anal area with a mild soap (a soapy finger can serve to clean the anal entrance AND relax the anal ring so that insertion feels good).
  • Plan to use lubricant—lots of lubricant.
  • Start by playing with the external anal area; touching, rubbing, pressing the area between the base of the testicles and the anus. Once your partner is relaxed, insert your lubed finger or sex toy (if you are using a toy, make sure it has a widely flared base to keep it from slipping all the way in).
  • You should find the prostate a few inches in on the anal wall closest to the belly button. It’s a little bump, that feels like an almond (in a healthy prostate).
  • Use your finger tips to massage and stroke the prostate, being careful not to use your fingernails.
  • Ask your partner what feels good, how much pressure you can apply, and so forth. Your partner may enjoy having his penis and balls played with at the same time, or he may want to concentrate on the sensations you are producing through prostate play.