All dressed up with somewhere to go! It’s a given that many men don’t like using condoms. Putting them on can be a bit of a fumble, they interfere with sensation, and there isn’t the intimacy of flesh on flesh and fluid exchange. These are valid complaints. It’s a bit like driving a car—nobody enjoys the process of getting a license, or paying insurance fees, but the consequences of not having these protections in place can be unpleasant. But you can maximize pleasure with ultra-thin condoms or even vibrating ring condoms.

Condoms were originally created as birth control devices, but they have become even more important in sex because they are the only effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from moving between one partner and another (or even from anus to vagina, when masturbating with a sex toy). Some STDs are merely annoying and a bit embarrassing, while others can kill you or, years down the line, or cause harm to your future children.

Putting on a Condom (Male)

  • Always check expiration date!
  • When the penis is hard, take the condom carefully out of the package (teeth, rings, and nails can tear it).
  • If the penis is uncircumcised, roll back the foreskin before putting on the condom.
  • Put a drop of lubricant (water-based) on the tip of the cock to improve penile sensations.
  • Unroll the condom a bit at first to check that you are unrolling it in the right direction.
  • Squeeze the tip to get rid of any hard and place the tip of the condom over the erection.
  • Roll the condom all the way down to the bottom of the penis.
  • Now is the time to use a water-based lube and spread some on the outside of the condom to improve sensations for each partner.

Removing a Condom

After ejaculation and while the penis is still hard, carefully withdraw, holding the condom at the base, so it won’t slip off.

Disposing of a Condom

  • Don’t flush your condom, as it can block the toilet and it is often resistant to actually going down the toilet (this does not fall under a fun fishing expedition category).
  • Instead, wrap it in a piece of paper or tissue and dispose of the condom in a lined garbage bag.