It may be a bit of a challenge to keep your sex toys handy for quick release while keeping them safe from inquisitive children, relatives, and prying house cleaners.

Shoe boxes

As long as you are good about washing and drying your toys after use, shoe boxes under the bed or in your closet are an inexpensive storage solution that should keep out all but the most curious.

Lockable Containers

Some people prefer fire safes, small lockable filing cabinets, and locking boxes for their sex toys privacy. Of course, this can present the challenge of finding a key or remembering a combination at a time when your mental energies may be elsewhere.


As long as they have zipper covers! Remover inner pillows, bat sides with stuffing, leave some space between the stuffing for your new adult toys! Zip it up, but if the pillow starts vibrating…don’t worry tell people it’s just a massage pillow!

Teddy bears

Most old ones have zip up back…if not you can make one!

Tampon/pad boxes

Great place to hide toys from children or men!

No matter where you store them, your sex toys should always be clean and dry before you put them away!