Sex and Menopause

A lot of women fear that they will lose sexual desire after they go through menopause. In fact, extensive research into menopause and beyond has shown that the only women who are less interested in sex after menopause are those women who believe that they will feel less desire. If you liked sex before menopause, you’ll keep enjoying it after menopause.

You might even be hornier, because you won’t have to worry about birth control (be sure you are ALL the way through menopause before abandoning birth control, as you can be still ovulate even after you stop having a period). The one difference is that you will probably need to start using lubricant, if you haven’t done so before, because your body will produce less natural lube.

Does Reduced Estrogen after Menopause Cause Lessen the Sex Drive?

No. Numerous studies show that there is no correlation between lower estrogen levels and a lack of sexual desire. The only thing that does happen is that the vagina walls get a bit thinner and don’t lubricate as well. This can be remedied by using lubricant. Use as much lube as you need to make sex a pleasure instead of a pain.

Aging and Sex

As we age, we tend to have a few more health issues, some of which can impact our sexual desire.

Aging joints may need different positions and lots of pillows to ease stress during sex. There are special sex slings and support cushions designed to help. Find them at your friendly neighbourhood sex shop or order online.

Diseases that affect the circulatory system, such as diabetes, thrombosis, and cardio diseases means that there is less blood going to the genital regions, so men may have difficulty achieving and maintaining a firm erection and women may find themselves less aroused.

Medications for hypertension, antidepressants, and many more can also impair sexual desire and the ability to reach orgasm. Ask your doctor about these side effects and see if there is an alternative medication that won’t impact on your pleasure so much.

Seniors, & Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Due to death and divorce, seniors may find themselves with a new sex partner(s) after decades as a part of a couple. Remember that safer sex should be practiced, as sexually transmitted diseases are an increasing concern, no matter what your age is. In the past decade, doctors in popular retirement spots such as Florida and Arizona have noticed a big increase in STDs in seniors. You’d tell your grandkids to use a condom—you should too!