1. What is the best vibrator?

My, my, that is a can of worms! The most honest answer we can give you, is to ask you a bunch of questions. Because the best vibrator is the best one for you, the one that suits your needs and what it is that you are interested in experiencing. For example; if you are curious about G-spot stimulation, we are going to talk to you about curved vibrators, if you are not interested in penetration we will discuss toys for clitoral use. See what we’re saying? If you want to know our best selling vibrator, that is another question entirely :).

2. What is a We-Vibe?

The We-Vibe is a toy designed here in Ontario that has taken the world by storm. It is a ‘U’ shaped vibrator with a motor on each end and a silicone coating. The We-Vibe is meant to be worn during love-making. The slimmer of the ‘U’ ends can be inserted into the vagina while the wider rests upward on the vulva to stimulate the clitoris. During intercourse the We-Vibe will rock in place as it is moved by the penis, causing a pleasant friction along with the vibration.

3. I am really sensitive to certain toy materials and lubes, they cause irritation. What can I use?

Well now, that depends on what it is you are allergic/have an intolerance for. Different irritating materials include:

  • glycerine
  • collagen
  • sugar
  • peppermint
  • nonoxyl 9 -found in spermicides
  • latex

Clearly your main objective will be to simply avoid whatever material/ingredient it is that you are allergic to. Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that is body safe and lovely. Be sure to look for toys that are 100% silicone though, you wouldn’t want some latex sneaking up on you. Glycerine free lubricants are easy enough to find, our most popular brand is PINK, or GUN OIL.

Non-latex condoms now come in a variety of styles from many companies as well. Staff recommendation would be AVANTI BARE, they are alse made a little bigger… wink wink.

4. I want to try anal, how do I start?

Awesome for you! The great thing about anal, besides the pleasure of it, is that every body’s got a bum so whether you are male or female the steps are the same. 2 key things will get your started: LUBRICANT and STARTING SMALL. Those are capitalized here because they really are super important. Your bum does not supply its own lubricant the way a vagina does, so it is absoltely necessary for both safety and pleasure. Find a lubricant that works for you. If you are using a toy you will want to use a water-based lubricant.

You already have everything you need on your body to begin anal-play. Start with your fingers, if cleanliness is a concern you can put a finger condom on, they can be found in the first aid isle of most pharmacies. If you would like to start with a toy, purchase a bum plug. Plugs come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. The most mportant thing to remember when you are inserting anything at all into an anus is to ensure it has a base on it. The muscles of the rectum pull inwards and you could easily loose an inanimate object. Start slow, don’t force and enjoy yourself.

5. What is the difference between lubricant for vaginal and anal sex?

That would be subjective, homies. Everyone digs something different, what we can tell you is that a lot of lubricants that are designed for anal are often thicker, jelly-er in consistency. Some people prefer a silicone lubricant because it does not dry out and so it lasts longer. The same is true however for vaginal or masturbatory lubes. Your best bet? Check out our sample section and bring home a couple different pillow-packs to find which suits you best.

6. How are you old enough to be teaching me about sex? If you are a boy/girl, how can you inform me about my penis/vagina?

Everyone who enters AFS must be 18+, and that obviously includes our staff. Before we allow our newer staff members to start helping customers, they have weeks and weeks of training and shadowing senior staff members. We make sure that every single bit of information given to our customers is as accurate and up to date as possible.

As for ladies giving gents pee-pee advice and the gents talking about the lady woo-hoos, same goes as for our ages. Our staff know as much as about the opposing genitalia as one could without actually being male/female, and to make up for what we do not have we talk indepth and frankly with one another and do extensive research.

7. Anal hurts! What can I do?

Are you going to fast? Are you using something too large? Are you using lubricant?

It is very important to be aware that pain receptors are there to warn you and keep you safe from doing dammage to yourself. That being said, we carry a variety of numbing creams and gels. They are strong enough to ease the pain without removing it, this way you can relax a bit. A glass of wine never hurt no-body neither.

8. Where is the washroom?

It is near the back of the store, if you go into our seminar room (the one painted purple with the pink couches) it is just to your right. We ask that you please not bring anything in there with you, including product or your partner. You cheeky thing you.

9. How can I last longer in bed?

Masturbate, masturbate so much. Do it and time yourself, practice holding off. Try the Fleshlight S.T.U. Stamina Training Unit. While with your partner change positions whenever you are worried you might finish. Enjoy a lot of foreplay, give your partner a few orgasms before you go for gold. Condoms, numbing gels and cock rings are popular for aiding in lasting longer as well.

10. You know those balls from 50 Shades of Grey? What’s the deal with them?

Do I ever! Their deal you ask? Ben-Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, China Balls, Joy Balls, Silver/Gold Balls, etc are all based on one of the oldest sex toys known to man. They were invented in China, and Wikipedia has a lot to say about them. Here we will give you the layman’s essentials.

They come in 2 basic forms:

Solid – the solid balls are meant as weights, the objective is to insert them into the vagina and hold them in using your PC muscles (the ones that line your vulva and vagina, cough or hold in pee and you’ll feel ’em). This practice strengthens and tightens, many women find them useful after childbirth. They can also be used as pleasure objects, as more control over your muscles is always a good thing, using the balls can give you more awareness and control during intercourse (remove balls before intercourse).

Hollow with a weighted ball inside – these are really quite nifty, they are bigger hollow balls with a smaller weighted ball inside. As you move around the smaller balls move inside and vibrate against the walls of the larger hallow ball. This causes your muscles to contract, which both feels really awesome and strengthens your muscles as well. They also serve the same purpose as the solid balls in giving you more awareness of your PC muscles. More control over your muscles is always a good thing, using the balls can give you more awareness and control during intercourse (remove balls before intercourse).