A lot of us already find being in water a sensual experience. So why not spice it up with some waterproof sex toys?

Waterproof Vibrators

There are no electric water proof vibrators. There are battery water proof vibrators. In these units, the battery and motor case are sealed to prevent water from getting in and causing electric shock and eroding the mechanisms. Waterproof vibrators come in many shapes and sizes (any battery powered vibrator can be manufactured as a water proof vibe).  Many women and men enjoy using a water proof vibrator in the tub or shower. One caution—water is an excellent sound conductor, so a normally quiet vibrator will sound much louder!

Waterproof Dildos

Dildos made from glass, silicone, and rigid plastic do well in water. Stay away from using your cyberskin TM, metal, or jelly sex toys in Jacuzzis or swimming pools, as the chemicals in the water can cause damage.

The Right Lube for Water Play

Water based lubricants dissolve almost immediately in water. But silicone lube works wonderfully and will probably last longer than you do. Just remember to check if your sex toy’s material is compatible with silicone lube.

Notes on Waterproof Toys

  • Before you start playing with your toy, make sure to check the battery pack for defects. Turn on the vibrator and put it under running water for a few moments. If it starts to smoke or sputter, it’s not safe to use (even the best toy manufacturers have a few lemons slip through).
  • Batteries last longer if you take them out of the vibrator and store them separately after each use.
  • Dry off your waterproof sex toys after use to help them last longer.
  • Clean your water proof sex toys according to manufacturers’ instructions.