Get the Advice Your Mother Never Gave You!

What’s an AFS Pandora Party?

A Private one hour long educational seminar with an AFS sexpert in our Pandora Lounge. Includes an extended hour with a personal shopper, free loot bags, and all purchases made are TAX FREE!!!

Reservation Fee for minimum group of 10 is $100 (but you will receive a $100 gift card in exchange, so in essence it is FREE)

Sugar Toy Party

Tired of the same old Tupperware parties …surprise your friends on girls’ night and head over for a Pandora Party. Here you’ll learn to techniques for expanding an orgasm…we’ll show you the basics for clitoral stimulation, g-spot techniques, lubrication benefits and our favorite toys to increase you please with or without a partner.

Spice Toy Party

Want to explore all the spicy and darning products we have in stock at AFS? Now you can….We’ll introduce you to the basic techniques of everything spicy. From how to use kegal balls for exercise & pleasure, play openly with you partner with whips, crops, & restraints and explore nipple play.